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Women's Health
Shona Hurndell 14/05/2024 4 mins

Life’s Unforeseen Turns: Desire to Live

After losing her husband suddenly, Shona deals with the double bombshell of a cancer diagnosis for both her and her mother. We follow her journey through loss, chemotherapy and surgery. Despite the constant adversity, this is the start of something positive in her life.

Mental Health
Manda Moxey-Baker 30/04/2024 5 mins

Introduction to Havening: A novel psychosensory approach to trauma therapy

Havening is a form of psychosensory therapeutic intervention that employs somatic and cognitive inputs. It is designed to…

Health Conditions
Joyce Roberts 25/04/2024 4 mins

Type 1 Diabetes: Emergency Signs

One of the key goals in the treatment and management of type 1 diabetes is to avoid the…


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Natural Medicine
Marijana Jovanovic 29/02/2024 9 mins

Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba)

Ginkgo has been used in traditional natural medicine for thousands of years, but its real medicinal value has only been recognised in the last fifty years. Today, in Germany, Ginkgo is approved for the use in treatment for dementia.

Rachael Cooper 20/02/2024 5 mins

Psychological benefits of Yoga: what does science and research say (Part 2)

In our previous article, we talked about how yoga can be used as a form of therapy to…

Natural Medicine
Megan Rodden 27/12/2023 6 mins

5 Natural Remedies for Menopause

Menopause is a natural decline in reproductive hormones experienced by all women in their 40s and 50s. These…

Connecting you with food

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The Future of Food
Michaela Dvorakova 20/05/2024 4 mins

Food Additives and GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe): what does that really mean?

Food additives that are approved for human consumption require safety analysis and regulatory approval. However, GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) substances are considered safe for consumption based on a history of common use in food or scientific evidence, or consensus among experts. Also, they are only tested on…

Volker Marecek 17/05/2024 3 mins

Recipe: Whole milk ricotta

With the price of food items increasing, have you thought about making your own cheese for a fraction…

Shalvi Mohindra 10/05/2024 3 mins

Recipe: Peach Crumble with Cardamom Custard

A fruit crumble is fairly easy to make, and when in season, the taste of peaches and nectarines…

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