How to get back into exercise after a long hiatus

- 6 minutes to read

One of the most important things we can do when starting to exercise is to set a goal. Whether it’s losing body fat, growing muscle or getting stronger, we should aim to reach certain milestones within a certain time frame.

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Common issues with hamstring muscles (read before your next leg workout)

- 4 minutes to read

Understanding various hamstring issues, including tightness, strains and tendinopathy, is essential for effective treatment and injury prevention. Sedentary lifestyles often contribute to hamstring tightness. Adopting stretching and dynamic exercise routines can help alleviate hamstring issues.

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Common issues with glutes (read before your next leg workout)

- 3 minutes to read

When we look back over the last few decades, we can see that our society is becoming more sedentary. With such a lifestyle, it is very common for our glutes to become weak. This can lead to different issues, such as low back pain, knee and hip pain, and abnormal gait or walking.

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Exercise Guide to: Hardy Hamstrings

- 5 minutes to read

It is very common for many wanting more muscular legs, and to achieve that, they solely focus on growing larger quadriceps muscles. However, this often leads to a muscle imbalance across the knee joint, as the hamstrings get neglected. This imbalance leads to an increase in the risk of injuries, especially in females.

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