Type 1 Diabetes: Emergency Signs

- 4 minutes to read

One of the key goals in the treatment and management of type 1 diabetes is to avoid the two acute complications. These are diabetes ketoacidosis and hypoglycemia, which can lead to cognitive impairment and in extreme cases shorter lifespan.

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13 Healthy tips to help control Binge Eating

- 5 minutes to read

Balanced and healthy eating is an important pillar in maintaining our health. However, due to many reasons that can occur in our life, we sometimes might have a difficult time controlling when and what we eat. When that happens, we must be aware of it, and by following tips in this article, we can prevent a downward spiral of binge eating that can significantly impact our physical and mental health.

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Interactions between nutrients and genes

- 3 minutes to read

Food is not always “just food” since we all might react differently to certain nutrients. This is most evidently seen when we talk about coffee and caffeine, since some of us absorb caffeine much slower, which has a negative effect on our health. The reason for this is our unique genetics.

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Type 1 diabetes: Treatment and Management

- 5 minutes to read

Managing type 1 diabetes is an everyday job if a person is to remain healthy post-diagnosis and minimise and avoid other health complications that may arise. Insulin therapy, great food choices and meal plan, as well as general movement and exercise are the 3 pillars fundamental to managing type 1 diabetes.

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