Menopause: How to deal with Hot Flushes

- 6 minutes to read

A hot flush/flash in menopause is a sudden sensation of heat, often rising from the feet to the top of the head. While some women can experience only a mild wave of warmth, others may experience being overwhelmed and will break out in a sweat.

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Life’s Unforeseen Turns: A Journey of Love, Loss, and Resilience

- 3 minutes to read

We all have a story, and my story has changed the direction of my life. It all began many years ago, when I met a gorgeous Cook Island man at Training College. We were both 19 at the time. We went out once with a group of others and did not see each other again for another 27 years.

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Menopause: Guide to Signs and Symptoms

- 5 minutes to read

There are at least 34 different signs and symptoms related to menopause. While 20% of women won’t experience any symptoms, or will have mild symptoms, for a large majority going through menopause will have a profound impact on their life.

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Menopause Revealed: Signs, Stages, Types and Treatment

- 7 minutes to read

Entering menopause is a natural process that occurs in women. Menopause is characterised by a significant hormonal change, where ovulation stops and production of oestrogen and progesterone ceases, signalling the end of fertility. With many signs and symptoms, menopause can be a very turbulent journey for women, which is why it’s important to be equipped with all information before we start our 3rd age.

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