Rachael Cooper

Certified Yoga instructor

Rachael attended her first yoga class in 2014 when she was searching for a hobby outside of work. The class was the Hatha yoga style, and she quickly fell in love with the practice.

She continued practising until 2017, when she discovered Iyengar yoga and began private lessons with her teacher Rie. Rachael often says that she owes immense gratitude and appreciation for Rie guiding her on her yoga journey.

Since then, Rachael’s passion for yoga deepened as she discovered more discipline, the intricate science behind the practice, and the effects of using props to enhance poses. Rie’s teachings continue to evolve to incorporate more anatomical science, which significantly influenced Rachael’s approach to yoga. With that, her training became heavily focused on biomechanics, while still upholding the discipline of Iyengar yoga.

In 2021, Rachael decided to share her love for yoga by becoming a teacher and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Teaching has been a fulfilling experience, allowing her to share her passion with others and witness their growth.

One of the things Rachael truly appreciates about yoga is that it offers a lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal growth, constantly challenging and inspiring us to become the best version of ourselves. She believes that through yoga, we can improve ourselves and also positively impact everyone around us.


  • 2021 Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour certification, My Vinyasa Practice, Austin, US
  • 2021 Trauma Informed certification, My Vinyasa Practice, Austin, US
  • 2021 Yoga Nidra certification, My Vinyasa Practice, Austin, US

Professional Interests & Specialist Areas

  • Hatha and Vinyasa yoga
  • Yoga anatomy and biomechanics
  • Injury prevention
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Meditation and breathwork

Rachael currently volunteers as a yoga teacher for two classes with the Botany and Flat Bush Ethnic Association every Saturday. Additionally, she teaches a class at Snap Fitness in Ormiston and also has several private classes.

To get in touch with Rachael, please visit TheYogaProject.

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