Angela Mastronardi

Bachelor degree in Technician of Neurophysiology, Certified Yoga Teacher

Angela Mastronardi is a technician in neurophysiology and a yogini who offers a combination of breathwork techniques (NeuroBreath) to reduce stress and activate motivational states.

Angela’s love for neuroscience, health and yoga began early in her teens, and it has been a lifelong journey of acquiring knowledge. Today, this is enabling her to share her wisdom with enthusiasm and clarity.

In 2010, Angela obtained a bachelor’s degree in Technician of Neurophysiology. Her thesis, The role of Cognitive Evoked Potentials in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in children, was published then.

She worked as a neurophysiology technician in Brisbane, Australia, for 18 months, and for four years at Auckland City Hospital. Currently, she is a part of the team at Midland Neurology and EMG in Hamilton, performing Electroencephalogram tests on patients.

Angela began her own journey with yoga in 2005 and in March 2014 she accomplished her Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh, India.

Since 2018, Angela has been running the workshop “Breathwork & Nervous System” offering her services to many in New Zealand.


  • 2014 Certified Yoga Teacher Training at Maa Retreat Centre, Rishikesh, India
  • 2006–2010 Bachelor’s degree in Technique of Neurophysiology, University of Medicine and Chirurgy, Florence, Italy. Research thesis (2010) “The role of Cognitive Evoked Potentials in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in children”

Professional Interests & Specialist Areas

  • Neuroscience, specifically with correlation to breath exercises and yoga
  • Holistic health, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition
  • Mental health
  • Electroencephalopathy and brain waves
  • Yoga (mothers with newborn and babies, children and elderly)
  • Courses and Workshops — The Power of Breath & Neuroscience

Angela’s passion is driven by what can be declared as a “call for the greatest good for humanity”.

In 2022 Angela founded Manawa Ora Neuro Breath, a service that provides Neuro breath consultations for individuals and groups, in person and online.

To read more about Angela and learn more about her courses on Neuroscience and The Power of the Breath, visit ManawaOraNeuroBreath.

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